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90° SAE FLANGE 6000 P.S.I. PART NUMBER HOSE FLANGE   B mm L mm D mm  M mm  S mm   DN In SIZE             H876B0 – 10 – 12 16 5/8″ 10 3/4″ 18 50,9 41,3 55,3 8,76 H876B0 – 12 – 12 20 3/4″ 12 3/4″ 18 60,1 41,3 62,5 8,76 H876B0 – 12 – 16 20 3/4″ 12 1″ 23 60,1 47,6 66,5 9,53 H876B0 – 16 – 16 25 1″ 16 1″ 23 74,2 47,6 77,5 9,53 H876B0 – 16 ̵...

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Assume full accountability to fulfill all demands of our purchasers; attain continual advancements by marketing the advancement of our clientele; grow to be the final permanent cooperative partner of purchasers and maximize the interests of purchasers for Pvc Fittings , Hydraulic Connectors , Hydraulic Hose Fitting , Our clients mainly distributed in the North America, Africa and Eastern Europe. we can easily source high-quality solutions along with the pretty aggressive price.
Wholesale PriceList for 87693-Interlock Hose Fitting for Honduras Manufacturer Detail:

90° SAE FLANGE 6000 P.S.I.


























H876B0 – 10 – 12 16 5/8″ 10 3/4″ 18 50,9 41,3 55,3 8,76
H876B0 – 12 – 12 20 3/4″ 12 3/4″ 18 60,1 41,3 62,5 8,76
H876B0 – 12 – 16 20 3/4″ 12 1″ 23 60,1 47,6 66,5 9,53
H876B0 – 16 – 16 25 1″ 16 1″ 23 74,2 47,6 77,5 9,53
H876B0 – 16 – 20 25 1″ 16 1.1/4″ 30 74,2 54 81 10,29
H876B0 – 20 – 20 32 1.1/4″ 20 1.1/4″ 30 90,2 54 90,4 10,29
H876B0 – 20 – 24 32 1.1/4″ 20 1.1/2″ 36 90,2 63,5 97,4 12,57
H876B0 – 24 – 24 40 1.1/2″ 24 1.1/2″ 36 100,6 63,5 108,9 12,57
H876B0 – 24 – 32 40 1.1/2″ 24 2″ 48 100,6 79,4 120,4 12,57
H876B0 – 32 – 32 50 2″ 32 2″ 48 135,7 79,4 144,7 12,57

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"Control the standard by the details, show the power by quality". Our organization has strived to establish a highly efficient and stable employees team and explored an effective high-quality command method for Wholesale PriceList for 87693-Interlock Hose Fitting for Honduras Manufacturer, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Cairo , Florence , Florence , Strict quality control is executed in each link of the whole production process.We sincerely hope to establish the friendly and mutual-beneficial cooperation with you. Based on high quality products and perfect pre-sales /after-sales service is our idea, some clients had cooperated with us for more than 5 years.


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