One of Hottest for 1CB-Metric Thread Bite Type Tube Fitting to Czech republic Manufacturer

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SP THREAD STUD ENDS WITH ED-RING SEALING   PART NOMBER Mpa TUBE O D. G L1 l1 i S2 S1 d7 bar 1CG-06L-02ED L 06 G1/8A 23 8.5 8 14 14 14 315 1CG-06L-04ED 06 G1/4A 25 10.0 12 14 19 19 315 1CG-06L-06ED 06 G3/8A 26 11.5 12 14 22 22 315 1CG-06L-08ED 06 G1/2A 27 12.0 14 14 27 27 315 1CG-08L-04ED 08 G1/4A 25 10.0 12 17 19 19 315 1CG-08L-06ED 08 G3/8A 26 11.5 12 17 22 22 315 1CG-08L-08ED 08 G1/2A 27 12.0 14 17 27 27 315 1CG-10L-04ED 10 G1/4A 26 11.0 12 19 19 19 315 1CG...

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One of Hottest for 1CB-Metric Thread Bite Type Tube Fitting to Czech republic Manufacturer Detail:




PART NOMBER Mpa TUBE O D. G L1 l1 i S2 S1 d7 bar
1CG-06L-02ED L 06 G1/8A 23 8.5 8 14 14 14 315
1CG-06L-04ED 06 G1/4A 25 10.0 12 14 19 19 315
1CG-06L-06ED 06 G3/8A 26 11.5 12 14 22 22 315
1CG-06L-08ED 06 G1/2A 27 12.0 14 14 27 27 315
1CG-08L-04ED 08 G1/4A 25 10.0 12 17 19 19 315
1CG-08L-06ED 08 G3/8A 26 11.5 12 17 22 22 315
1CG-08L-08ED 08 G1/2A 27 12.0 14 17 27 27 315
1CG-10L-04ED 10 G1/4A 26 11.0 12 19 19 19 315
1CG-10L-06ED 10 G3/8A 27 12.5 12 19 22 22 315
1CG-10L-08ED 10 G1/2A 28 13.0 14 19 27 27 315
1CG-12L-04ED 12 G1/4A 27 12.0 12 22 19 19 315
1CG-12L-06ED 12 G3/8A 27 12.5 12 22 22 22 315
1CG-12L-08ED 12 G1/2A 28 13.0 14 22 27 27 315
1CG-12L-12ED 12 G3/4A 29 14.0 16 22 32 32 315
1CG-15L-06ED 15 G3/8A 29 13.5 12 27 24 22 315
1CG-15L-08ED 15 G1/2A 29 14.0 14 27 27 27 315
1CG-15L-12ED 15 G3/4A 30 15.0 16 27 32 32 315
1CG-18L-06ED 18 G3/8A 30 14.0 12 32 27 22 315
1CG-18L-08ED 18 G1/2A 31 14.5 14 32 27 27 315
1CG-18L-12ED 18 G3/4A 31 14.5 16 32 32 32 315
1CG-22L-08ED 22 G1/2A 33 16.5 14 36 32 27 160
1CG-22L-12ED 22 G3/4A 33 16.5 16 36 32 32 160
1CG-22L-16ED 22 G1A 34 17.5 18 36 41 40 160
1CG-28L-12ED 28 G3/4A 34 17.5 16 41 41 32 160
1CG-28L-16ED 28 G1A 34 17.5 18 41 41 40 160
1CG-28L-20ED 28 G1-1/4A 35 18.5 20 41 50 50 160
1CG-35L-16ED 35 G1A 39 17.5 18 50 46 40 160
1CG-35L-20ED 35 G1-1/4A 39 17.5 20 50 50 50 160
1CG-35L-24ED 35 G1-1/2A 41 19.5 22 50 55 55 160
1CG-42L-16ED 42 G1A 42 19.0 18 60 55 40 160
1CG-42L-20ED 42 G1-1/4A 42 19.0 20 60 55 50 160
1CG-42L-24ED 42 G1-1/2A 42 19.0 22 60 55 55 160

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One of Hottest for
 1CB-Metric Thread Bite Type Tube Fitting to Czech republic Manufacturer detail pictures

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Our business aims to operating faithfully, serving to all of our clients , and working in new technology and new machine continuously for One of Hottest for 1CB-Metric Thread Bite Type Tube Fitting to Czech republic Manufacturer, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Borussia Dortmund , Nepal , Congo , With the spirit of "credit first, development through innovation, sincere cooperation and joint growth", our company is striving to create a brilliant future with you, so as to become a most valuable platform for exporting our products in China!


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    Center pivot irrigation is a form of overhead sprinkler irrigation consisting of several segments of pipe (usually galvanized steel or aluminum) joined together and supported by trusses, mounted on wheeled towers with sprinklers positioned along its length. The machine moves in a circular pattern and is fed with water from the pivot point at the center of the circle. The outside set of wheels sets the master pace for the rotation (typically once every three days). The inner sets of wheels are mounted at hubs between two segments and use angle sensors to detect when the bend at the joint exceeds a certain threshold, and thus, the wheels should be rotated to keep the segments aligned. Center pivots are typically less than 1600 feet (500 meters) in length (circle radius) with the most common size being the standard 1/4 mile (400 m) machine.

    To achieve uniform application, center pivots require an even emitter flow rate across the radius of the machine. Since the outer-most spans (or towers) travel farther in a given time period than the innermost spans, nozzle sizes are smallest at the inner spans and increase with distance from the pivot point. Aerial views show fields of circles created by the watery tracings of “quarter- or half-mile of the center-pivot irrigation pipe,” created by center pivot irrigators which use “hundreds and sometimes thousands of gallons a minute.”

    Most center pivot systems now have drops hanging from a u-shaped pipe called a gooseneck attached at the top of the pipe with sprinkler heads that are positioned a few feet (at most) above the crop, thus limiting evaporative losses and wind drift. There are many different nozzle configurations available including static plate, moving plate and part circle. Pressure regulators are typically installed upstream of each nozzle to ensure each is operating at the correct design pressure.

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    Originally, most center pivots were water-powered. These were replaced by hydraulic systems and electric motor-driven systems. Most systems today are driven by an electric motor mounted at each tower.

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    Make:  VRSCD 2006 Harley Davison VROD
    Nick Name: CopperRod Café Racer  
    Engine: 1130 CC stock with Custom Toxic Power Commander custom race tune Filers: K&N Topless air filters, Custom made racing aluminum oil filter
    Exhaust: Custom Toxic Exhaust 2-2 with custom hand drilled heat shields high gloss/black power coated paint
    Power:  Engine 127 HP (apx), 0-60 mph in 2.8 sec, top speed 150 MPH (250kmph)
    Front Fender – Custom one-off handmade front fiberglass fender. Painted: Mercedes gloss black with Hologram Copper Metallic flake
    Custom made rear Café Racer Style cowl: Painted Mercedes gloss black with Hologram Copper Metallic flake, highlighted with hand painted orange pin striping built in Brake LED/Turn lighting
    Paint - Stock Wheels and Frame: Candy Copper power coated with silver metallic flake 
    Paint – Powder Coated Front Forks tree clamps, Handlebar risers, Rear swing arm and rear wheel pulley: Mercedes gloss black with Hologram Copper Metallic flake
    Paint – Bolts: Most Nuts and bolts were flat black dry film powder coated
    Airbox Cover: Custom handmade fiberglass with built in: Power Commander Vision LED Touch Screen, Digital Water Temp Gauge, Digital Voltage Gauge, Stock Vrod Gauge Cluster and built in one-of custom made LED Blue Shift Light Paint Airbox- Harley Logo on air box: one-of hand laid and painted Copper Leaf highlighted with hand painted orange pin striping hand written Harley Davidson Logo, Mercedes gloss black with Hologram Copper Metallic flake. Airbox
    Custom handmade Seat: Custom made one-of Lama Skin Café Racer Style flip up seat with double Harley orange stitching
    Lighting: Café Racer Cowl with Built in Red LED strip Upper Brake/ Tail Light top, Custom one-of rear wrapped around cowl above rear tire LED Red Brake/Run/ L-R Amber LED Turn signals, custom Crystal L/R Side Red LED Marker Lights and Amber L/R rear wheel nut covers. Amber Run/turn L/R. Front LED strips inside Air Scoops (behind Grills), White LED Running lights that turn in Amber LED turns signal rings on top front forks, Halogen 55-Watt custom headlight with White LED Halo inside Chrome headlight bracket
    Copper Highlights: 2” Industrial grade Copper custom on-off fork sleeve covers, copper shielding, and 1/4 copper tubing from rear brake reservoir or to rear master cylinder. 
    Chrome Brake Highlights: Chromed Front and Rear Wheel discs (Stock)
    Chrome Other Highlights: Chrome Engine top and side covers, and Clutch side covers, Chrome side gas tank L/R upper and lower covers, Chrome lower mirrors, Chrome Front Forks, Chrome Café Racer Handle bars, Chrome Hydraulic Clutch and front brake housing/levers
    Brakes: New Front Wildwood Polished Aluminum Disc Brakes with custom steal braided brake lines (front and back), Chrome and Copper Banjo bolts, Chrome Rear Brembo Caliper with one-off oil cooling fin
    Front Wheel: Stock Front 06 Night rod wheel 19-inch Metzler
    Rear Wheel: 260 mm 18 Metzler tire mounted on 2010 Night rod stock rear wheel, using a 2011 Vrod Muscle Rear swing arm
    Shocks: Front Progress HD springs with adjustable damping, Rear HD Progress spring adjustable.

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