Importance of PVC Fittings

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PVC fittings also called as polyvinyl chloride fittings are units used in water plumbing applications. They are unbreakable items that are used for making ample number of fitting components that are used in plumbing systems.

It is basically a plastic like material that can not be easily broken or molded into shapes. Due to its great strength and long lasting durability, the PVC fitting units are used in variety of applications. Traditionally, elements made with copper were used in plumbing applications, but they were highly prone to being getting corroded or rusted. This makes it a need to introduce another unit for plumbing and so PVC components came into existence. It is since then used along all kinds of applications, whether rigid or potable as it is not only high resistant to water contaminating materials but is also possess great durability.

Ample number of PVC fittings is used along with tubing made with PEX. This is because, such units are not only long lasting but are highly flexible to be used with these piping units. Another reason, to use these elements with PEX piping is that it possesses great resistance to water and fire. Due to its water resistance capability, it is useful in water supplying functionalities and due to its fire resistance power it is used in more other applications as well such as radiant floor heating, electrical insulation and refrigerant in freezers. In addition to this, it also makes the water supplied through them super clean which is why it is useful to be used in potable water plumbing applications as well.

Individuals looking for best plumbing system can have it only with PEX piping and PVC fitting units. There are other possibilities also but this is the best among all of them.

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NITRA™ Pneumatic Polyurethane (PUR) Tubing is made from the highest quality, 100% virgin raw materials available and has a hardness specification of Shore A 98. It is also sometimes referred to as poly tubing.

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