Factory selling 20511-T Swaged Hose Fiting Supply to Bangkok

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O’RING METRIC FEMALE 24° CONE HEAVY TYPE DIN 3865    PART NUMBER HOSE THREAD T PIPE B mm L mm A mm     H2 mm   DN In SIZE               S205A1 – 03 – 16 5 3/16″ 03 M16x1,5 8 3 26,1 4,4   19 S205A1 – 04 – 16 6 1/4″ 04 M16x1,5 8 4 26,6 4,4   19 S205A1 – 04 – 18 6 1/4″ 04 M18x1,5 10 4 28 3   22 S205A1 – 05 – 20 8 5/16″ 05 M20x1,5 12 5,5 28,1 2,5   24 S205A1 &...

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Factory selling 20511-T Swaged Hose Fiting Supply to Bangkok Detail:






























S205A1 – 03 – 16 5 3/16″ 03 M16x1,5 8 3 26,1 4,4   19
S205A1 – 04 – 16 6 1/4″ 04 M16x1,5 8 4 26,6 4,4   19
S205A1 – 04 – 18 6 1/4″ 04 M18x1,5 10 4 28 3   22
S205A1 – 05 – 20 8 5/16″ 05 M20x1,5 12 5,5 28,1 2,5   24
S205A1 – 06 – 20 10 3/8″ 06 M20x1,5 12 7 28,6 2,5   24
S205A1 – 06 – 22 10 3/8″ 06 M22x1,5 14 7 32,6 3,5   27
S205A1 – 08 – 24 12 1/2″ 08 M24x1,5 16 9,3 32,3 4,5   30
S205A1 – 10 – 30 16 5/8″ 10 M30x2 20 12 37,3 4   36
S205A1 – 12 – 36 20 3/4″ 12 M36x2 25 15 40,5 4,5   46
S205A1 – 16 – 42 25 1″ 16 M42x2 30 19,5 43,8 6,3   50
S205A1 – 20 – 52 32 1.1/4″ 20 M52x2 38 26 49,5 8   60

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 20511-T Swaged Hose Fiting Supply to Bangkok detail pictures

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    Vacuum flange types


    A KF-25 tee, o-ring, and clamp.
    The ISO standard quick release flange is known by the names Quick Flange (QF), Klein Flange (KF) or NW, sometimes also as DN. The KF designation has been adopted by ISO, DIN, and Pneurop. KF flanges are made with a chamfered back surface that are attached with a circular clamp and an elastomeric o-ring that is mounted in a metal centering ring. Standard sizes are indicated by the nominal inner diameter in millimeters for flanges 10 through 50 mm in diameter.


    The ISO large flange standard is known as LF, LFB, MF or sometimes just ISO flange. As in KF-flanges, the flanges are joined by a centering ring and an elastomeric o-ring. An extra spring-loaded circular clamp is often used around the large diameter o-rings to prevent them from rolling off from the centering ring during mounting.

    The ISO large flanges come in two varieties. The ISO-K (or ISO LF) flanges are joined with double claw clamps which clamp to a circular groove on the tubing side of the flange. The ISO-F (or ISO LFB) flanges have holes for attaching the two flanges with bolts. Two tubes with ISO-K and ISO-F flanges can be joined together by clamping the ISO-K side with single claw clamps which are then bolted to the holes on the ISO-F side.

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    CF (Conflat)

    A 2¾ CF (conflat) full nipple with blank and OFHC copper gasket.

    A 60 kV high voltage electrical feedthrough on a 4½ inch (or DN63) conflat flange
    Several vacuum flange standards exist, and the same flange types are called by different names by different manufacturers and standards organizations. CF (ConFlat) flanges use a copper gasket and knife-edge flange to achieve an ultrahigh vacuum seal. The term “ConFlat” is a registered trademark of Varian, Inc., so “CF” is commonly used by other flange manufacturers. Each face of the two mating CF flanges has a knife edge which cuts into the softer metal gasket, providing an extremely leak-tight, metal-to-metal seal. Deformation of the metal gasket fills small defects in the flange, allowing Conflat flanges operate down to 10−13 torr (10−11 Pa) pressure. The knife edge is recessed in a groove in each flange. In addition to protecting the knife edge, the groove helps hold the gasket in place, which aligns the two flanges and also reduces gasket expansion during bake-out. For stainless steel conflat flanges baking temperatures of 450°C can be achieved; the temperature is limited by the choice of gasket material. CF flanges are sexless and interchangeable. In North America, flange sizes are given by flange outer diameter in inches while in Europe and Asia, sizes are given by tube inner diameter in millimeters. Despite the different naming conventions, the actual flanges are the same.

    Featured applications:

    Rotation-induced cooling of an optically-trapped micro-gyroscope in vacuum
    Yoshihiko Arita, Michael Mazilu, Kishan Dholakia
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    Measurement of Auger effect and droop in LEDs by energy analysis of electron emission in vacuum
    Claude Weisbuch, Jim Speck, Justin Iveland, J. Perretti, L. Martinelli, M. Piccardo
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